Siemens Solid Edge ST9 MP11 Update

Siemens PLM Software has released an update (MP10) to Solid Edge ST9, is a CAD system that addresses all aspects of the product development process – 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, data management and more. Solid Edge helps companies uniquely design better.

About Solid Edge ST9. If you’ve not come across it, Solid Edge was one of a next breed of Windows-based 3D design systems first released in the late 1990s.
It has been built on top of Siemens’ own Parasolid kernel and where other vendors may have followed the latest trends, Solid Edge has remained consistent to its core values of enabling designers and engineers to develop, test and take products into production.
In the last few years the system has gained a boost in its profile (it never quite achieved the market mass of its peers) with the introduction of Synchronous Technology, which combined Solid Edge’s traditional history based modelling technology with direct editing of geometry and some clever intelligent filters/relationship detection. Solid Edge ST 9 release is the ninth synchronous release since 2008.


最後の数年間では、システムがそのプロフィールで後押しを得ました(それは決して完全には達成されその仲間の市場の質量)同期技術の導入により、を組み合わせたソリッドエッジの伝統的な歴史に基づくモデリング技術と幾何学の直接編集と若干の賢いインテリジェントフィルタ関係の検出。ソリッドエッジst 9のリリースは2008年以降は、第9の同期のリリースです。


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